"This is not the end, but rather the continuation of a movement to reform the management of our city"

I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who gave me their vote, and volunteered their time and services including displaying signs on their yards or their vehicles.

You should not be discouraged by this election outcome based on the fact that:


- The ballot question was not about who is the most qualified person to lead at this critical time.

- The vote was motivated by a boiling dissatisfaction with unwise spending, over taxation and poor managing of our city affairs.

- The voters moved towards the person that they were told by the media to be the front-runner. 

The re-election of all incumbent councillors remains a mystery given that many Calgarians have complained about their performance, accountability and commitment to their communities.

However, the result has a bright side when we consider that more than 17,000 hits were received on my website, in addition to the followers on Facebook and Twitter. Those many people are now knowledgeable of my platform and have also been educated on important issues, such as flood mitigation, or lack there off.

The outcome of the October 16th civic election clearly showed a divisive campaign and a divided city (the mayor was elected with only 51% of the vote, a failing grade for the person who had 72% in the last election).

Where do we go from here?
Mayor: we must hold him accountable. Among other things, he needs to work on:
- Freezing hiring at city hall.
- Consolidating departments to bring real efficiency and cut red tape.
- Make taxes affordable.
Next election:
- Having viable candidates that have reasonable knowledge, experience and skills in managing a corporation such as city of Calgary.
- We need candidates who relate to the majority of Calgarians.
- Provide more transparency by refraining from conducting closed-door (in camera) meetings unless deem necessary and justifiable.
Next election:
- New faces that are willing to commit to the Pledge are needed.


Dr. Emile Gabriel for Mayor

These Are the Actions I’ll Be Taking as Your New Mayor (see list below)

Old and new difficult challenges face our city. The candidate who is most suited to be your next mayor, manage our city efficiently and put us back on the right track is the one who possesses the right qualifications and experience.

The qualifications I would like to offer to my city include a BSc. degree in civil engineering, urban planning and transportation, combined with an advanced degree in management with more than twenty years of diversified experience including leadership skills and training, short and long term planning, structural budget allocation and balance, and operational and capital budgeting.

As an entrepreneur, I have successfully started, built up and managed several different businesses, such as, paving, marketing and advertising, a food and beverage business and a management consulting firm.

I have not and I do not accept donations from special interest groups or the rich and influential.


These Are the Actions I’ll Be Taking as Your New Mayor

"These actions need to occur simultaneously, gradually, compassionately and efficiently over a reasonable period of time"


Action 1.png
Action 2.png

Action 3.png


"Calgary developer picks his candidates, urges staff to follow his lead"
And, who was picked for mayor? According to this article…Mr. Bill Smith…/…/jay-westman-council-election-1.4345534

Voting for Gabriel is a Smart Move

Remember what happened in 2010… the media predicted and focused on two other names… then, came Nenshi...

Our city, if you know the truth about our financial situation, transportation, flood mitigation, etc., is in a dire shape. A fundraiser or University instructor are not the experience that will lift up our city and move us forward. Once in a long while, someone with the right experience and qualifications steps up to serve his/her city, Emile Gabriel meets the required qualification. Your vote for him is a wise move.



Read the pledge

Emile Gabriel along with eight other candidates running for councillor, representing different wards in Calgary city, has, individually, signed a written pledge to fulfill fundamental expectations.


My interview on Breakfast Television (4 min.).

'…/222619696…/SkX1bBGY/5607214460001… …'





Dr. Emile Gabriel has lived in Calgary for more than 32 years. Born in Giza, Egypt, he left for Canada to escape hate, persecution and to seek a better life.

Dr. Gabriel holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering and a PhD degree Specialized in Management from the University of Calgary, in addition to more than twenty years of diverse and practical experience. During that time, he has been active in the fight against excessive taxation and poor management by elected officials.



* Applying modern management methods and tools to overhaul a broken and questionable decision-making process at city council combined with slow and outdated regulations and policies.

Direct democracy and true representation. Putting people's interest ahead of politics, honesty and transparency

* Proposing tax freeze and tax reform, (cutting waste, duplication, unwise spending and postponing non-urgent and ill-conceived projects in order to be able to save money and freeze tax for a period of time without cutting services)

We Calgarians have a great heritage and a wonderful city handed down to us by previous generations. Together, we will protect it; also, keep it safe from strange ideologies that are rejected by Calgarians. Together, we will make our city more attractive, inviting and prosperous. "Heritage Day at Heritage Park Historic Village"  

We Calgarians have a great heritage and a wonderful city handed down to us by previous generations. Together, we will protect it; also, keep it safe from strange ideologies that are rejected by Calgarians. Together, we will make our city more attractive, inviting and prosperous.

"Heritage Day at Heritage Park Historic Village"


* Along with reforming taxes, the city's regulations, policies and by-laws will be modernized in order to attract new business and capital (launching economic growth)

I believe that I present to you a far better solution. I invite you to review my platform and compare to the rest of the candidates.

   See my Platform







Why Examining the Candidate's Motivation and Sincerity is Critical

The first question we all ought to ask should be about the candidate's motivation for running.

Is this person running to build a comfortable cozy political career (self-interest), or is he/she running to serve?

If the answer was "to serve", then, the following question would be: show us the proof and your history of service to others?

There is a higher expectation of an elected representative vs. a hired city employee.

See My Service to Community


YOU hold the power to make positive change happen!

On October 16, 2017 - Civic Election Day - make a wise choice.

It is a critical choice between disappointing career politicians (serving the interest of themselves or the few), and an expert manager committed to term limits, smart direct democracy and true representation.


It is a simple choice between "run" and "ruin"

 The candidate with the right qualifications can successfully run the city. The poorly qualified person can easily ruin it.

Now it's your turn!

The Need for Positive Change

Our city has reached a Critical crossroad. High unemployment, Poor economic growth, financial management Failure, Scattered and Destructive urban planning and Unwise spending; all of which have left our city in peril and pushed it Past the Appropriate Level of Sustainability.

The current mayor's plans for increased taxes in 2018, in addition to asking the province for extra taxation power, would completely devastate our local economy and crush many lives. (Cash-for-Access)

It’s Time for the Electors to Compare and Choose the Most Prepared Person to successfully Manage the City of Calgary Corporation

Dr. Gabriel

Right Motivation... Right Experience... Right Vision


One Mistake You Should Avoid...