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– Post civic election / Calgary-

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“This is not the end, but rather a continuation of a movement to reform our city management


I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who gave me their vote, and volunteered their time and services including displaying signs on their yards or their vehicles.

You should not be discouraged by this election outcome based on the fact that:

– The ballot question was not about who is the most qualified person to lead at this critical time.

– The vote was motivated by a boiling dissatisfaction with the unwise spending, over taxation and poor management of our city affairs.

– The voters moved towards the person that they were told by the media to be the front-runner in order to have a change. 

However, the re-election of all incumbent councillors remains a mystery given that many Calgarians have complained about their performance, accountability and commitment to their communities.

Nevertheless, the result has a bright side when we consider that more than 17,000 hits were received on my website, in addition to the followers on Facebook and Twitter. Those many people have now became knowledgeable of my platform and have also been educated on important issues, such as flood mitigation, or lack there off.

The outcome of the October 16th civic election clearly showed a divisive campaign and a divided city (the mayor was elected with only 51% of the vote, a failing grade for the person who had 72% in the last election).

Where do we go from here?
Mayor: we must hold him accountable. Among other things, he needs to work on:
– Freezing hiring at city hall.
– Consolidating departments to bring real efficiency and cut red tape.
– Make taxes affordable.

Next election:
– Having viable candidates that have reasonable knowledge, experience and skills in managing a corporation such as city of Calgary.
– We need candidates who can relate to the majority of Calgarians.
– Provide more transparency by refraining from conducting closed-door (in camera) meetings unless deem necessary and justifiable.
Next election:
– New faces that are willing to commit to the Pledge.