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Dr. Emile Gabriel for Calgary Mayor

It is rapidly becoming a different world, posing new and difficult challenges to our city. Therefore, the ballot question this year should be about the QUALIFICATION.

The candidate that has the knowledge and the management experience to run our complex city hall.


My platform is an airtight plan of action:

– To end the era of “career politicians” by introducing term limits

– To end poor planning , unwise spending and start practicing smart management

– To practice true democracy and true representation aided by modern technology

– To reform the tax system to make it affordable to businesses and property owners, also, attractive to capital investments in order to foster economic growth and job creation

My solution, plan and vision are professional, compassionate, modern and innovative in nature. It is a reflection of what I have been hearing for decades from the majority of Calgarians. It reflects also my own belief and the deep desire expressed by most people in our city who are eager to see it happen.

Surprisingly, it is also simple common sense that you practice everyday.

Applying my expertise, know-how in management and leadership skills, supported by modern tools and techniques, I intend to, simultaneously, achieve three main objectives.

1-  Streamlining and improving the process of making critical decisions at council to make it transparent, efficient, effective and productive.      

      A- Genuine public involvement (true direct democracy and true representation. I plan to provide more opportunities for greater community engagement and public consultations).

      B- Available modern management techniques and tools in prioritizing, debating, eliminating bias, reaching consensus and making the best decisions and choices for the people of our city will be utilized.

 2- Intelligently, thoughtfully and carefully reforming the city taxation system. 

 – Short term: Saving money by cutting waste, duplication, ending unwise spending and postponing non-urgent or ill-conceived projects to allow for freezing taxes for a reasonable, fixed period of time (to provide also a sense of stability), while maintaining essential services.

 – Long term: Taxes to be made affordable and conducive while providing a cushion to weather economic down turns.

This would result in significant multiple positive effects, contributing to business and economic growth, employment opportunities, easing the cost of housing and providing better city mobility; ultimately, achieving residents’ satisfaction.  

3- Growing the Economy (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs).

Having been an entrepreneur, I understand the difficulties facing the business community, the uncertainty and unpredictability. City rules, regulations, policies and by-laws will need modernization and simplification in order to:

– Replace the current practices of random, slow, wasteful, scattered and under-funded plans and projects.

 – Incite business growth and attract new investments and capital, thus, generate new employments and increase revenue.

These changes will positively, progressively and assuredly transform our city, generate meaningful employment and position us for regaining prosperity.  

I will use all my skills and experience to achieve economic growth and employment opportunities. This would also help to increase SAFETY and reduce POVERTY. 


by comparison…

You will find that I am the only candidate for Calgary mayor who relates to most people and has a unique combination of:

– Relating to working people: I had been a member of the work-force building Highways and bridges.

– As an entrepreneur I had successfully started and built up several different businesses.

– With my educational background, credentials and extensive experience, I work as a management consultant. I, specifically work in advising CEO’s and senior management personnel in developing and applying modern management techniques and skills.

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My Motivation for Running

To serve…Not to build a political career…

(My record of continuous service to our community speaks to my motivation).

Dr. Emile Gabriel for Mayor

It’s Time for the Electors to Compare and Choose the Most Prepared Person to Manage the City of Calgary Corporation.