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Service to community

Meet Dr. Emile Gabriel

The first question we all ought to ask should be about the candidate motivation.

is this person running to start a comfortable cozy political career, or is he/she running to serve?

If the answer is “to serve”, then, naturally the following question would be: show us the proof and your history of service?

There are higher expectations of someone who is elected vs. a hired CITY employee.


Dr. Gabriel

A history of continuous Service and Contribution to Society During the span of more than twenty years

– Fighting excessive taxation and poor management.

– Contributing to the S.A.S. of Calgary.

– Volunteer work to save taxpayer money.

– Volunteer work regarding costly floods and droughts in our province.

– Hiring summer students.

– To the best of his ability, helps, contributes and donates to families and individuals in need as he had, himself, received help from others.

Within the family:

Emile helped his mother to raise six children living on a limited income after his father passed away at a young age of 42. He spent the last three years of his mother’s life assisting her every day at the Rockyview hospital after having a devastating stroke. Later, she was diagnosed with leukemia which ended her life.

Society at large:


Fighting excessive taxation and poor management:

In 1995 he took the time, paid his own expenses and ran to challenge a former mayor of our city and his plan to raise taxes while many businesses could not afford to pay more. Businesses, at that time, were posting signs on their premises reading “No More Taxes”. The mayor’s plan was defeated.

He also promised, at that time, to take a significant pay cut in his first year and to encourage more popular participation in government.

Volunteer work to save taxpayer money:

During the time when he worked for the Alberta Transportation department, using his own time, he developed a technique to minimize the excessive cost of repairing highways cracks, particularly, premature cracks. He proceeded to test the technique and on January 30, 1990 received a letter from the Premier of Alberta (Hon. Don Getty) thanking him for contacting his office to present his proposed solution, indicating that he would put him in contact with the Minister of Transportation.

Later, he received a second letter from Hon. Al Adair, Minister of Transportation and Utilities, in part, saying, “As you have noted, I am interested in providing the best possible transportation facilities at the lowest possible cost to Alberta taxpayers. …I appreciate your interest in contributing to such research.”

Hiring Summer students:

At the time when he owned and operated businesses in Calgary, he hired summer students and trained them to run a part of the operation on their own in order to help them develop skills, build confidence and practice leadership.

Contributing to the S.A.S. of Calgary:

The Servants anonymous Society (S.A.S.) assists young women, age 16 to 25 and their children, who have been victims of sexual exploitation, in their decision to leave abusive situations and rebuild their lives.

Volunteer work regarding costly floods and droughts in our province:

After the 2013 flood that has drastically affected our city and province, and upon attending a symposium on flood mitigation, he was asked by the previous Minster of Environment to complete his proposed alternative flood mitigation plan and forward it to him. However, the decision makers, both in the previous and current government, declined to assist or bear any of the cost associated with the required work.

Dr. Gabriel took it upon himself to use his own time and resources to do the work, which has consumed more than three years of his time to produce an alternative comprehensive solution in a living document, namely: the Tri-River Joint Reservoir of Alberta (TRJR)

This proposal was acknowledged by the UNESCO-IHE – International Institute of Hydrology and Environmental Engineering, the largest international post-graduate water education facility in the world, and it has been constantly gaining support from Calgarians who attended the different presentations on this proposed solution.

An elected person is CHOSEN to serve,

not to establish a comfortable and long-term career.

It’s Time for the Electors to Compare and Choose the Most Qualified Person to Manage the City of Calgary Corporation