Emile Gabriel is an engineer holds a BSc. degree in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Project Management from the University of Calgary. His main focus in his applied research was on “The Human Factor Imperative Effect on Projects’ Success”.

Calgary has been his home for more than thirty-two years. Born in Giza, Egypt, he was raised by a single mother. He came to Canada escaping hate and persecution; seeking a better life in a place of peace and harmony. As a responsible Canadian, he has been active in the fight against excessive taxation and poor management by elected officials.

He has not accepted donations from special interest groups or the rich and influential.


Occupation: President and CEO of T 2000 M.C.G. Inc. (Management Consulting).

People management (having the skills and experience):

His experience and practices in management always emphasizes the crucial importance of people before technology. As your new mayor, his skilled leadership and successful management of the city body of councillors and council meetings would positively affect decisions made by the city council and eliminate the negatives of the past.

This leadership approach will help to bring Calgarians together and lead to effectiveness and efficiency in different departments and operations within the corporation of the city of Calgary, resulting in residents’ satisfaction.

Advanced management system (understanding sound management):

He has developed an advanced management system that incorporates the human factor role and effect on success (TRI-M Management Model), and received letters of recommendation from different firm’s executives, president, and project managers recommending his new management system.

With Dr. Gabriel’s extensive work experience and educational background, he works as a consultation expert. He provides management consultation services to companies from a variety of industries.  He specifically works in advising CEO’s and senior management personnel in developing and applying modern management techniques and skills.

Entrepreneurship and diversified working experience (understanding business challenges):

Working with different firms, in and outside Canada, he has more than twenty years’ knowledge and experience in urban planning, construction of high-rises, highways, airports and bridges.

Throughout the 1990’s, as an entrepreneur, he had successfully started and built up several different businesses such as, (paving, marketing and advertising, as well as establishing a food and beverage business).

Flood mitigation and water conservation (understanding the urgent need for protecting our city):

Following the 2013 flood and its impact on the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary, Dr. Gabriel’s more recent work has been research on finding a comprehensive solution for flood mitigation. After more than three years of research, he discovered a natural reservoir that can be used to mitigate floods, conserve and regulate water supply.

His work was acknowledged by the UNESCO-IHE – International Institute of Hydrology and Environmental Engineering. This is the largest international post-graduate water education facility in the world. He was invited by this organization to continue his work on this solution with two of the top UNESCO-IHE experts in this field, and to receive a post-doctoral degree.

He has travelled to more than twenty different countries visiting, learning or working.

Social Conscience

As someone who has immigrated to Canada for reasons of a better life, and also experiencing discrimination, intolerance and persecution in Egypt, Dr. Gabriel strongly believes in values of equality and dignity. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or disability. All individuals should have the right to life, liberty and security of the person, actively participating in our democratic system and having their voices heard.

Also, having had his father pass away at an early age, Dr. Gabriel understand the importance of hard work, integrity and discipline having to help his mother and five siblings depending on limited resources.

The poor, the homeless, and struggling single parents:

Special attention will be given to these groups, particularly during the transition period to provide different forms of assistance. The success of helping these groups to regain respect and dignity of life will be one indication of a humane and successful management under my leadership.


Inventing, painting sculptures, photography, collecting antiques, horseback riding, hiking, camping, fishing.


Volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, table tennis, dancing (Argentine tango – favorite).


Visiting different Museums, also, learning the newest gadgets and technology, to use as tools in solving problems or improving quality and productivity.

Due to a sport injury, he couldn’t practice some other favorite sports, but he enjoys hockey and skiing as a spectator. He loves the summer and winter Olympics and also enjoys movies- especially comedies, happy-ending romantic stories, and documentaries. Fan of the kingdom of natural.

Emile Gabriel (EGJ) is a pleasant and charming person to know and converse with.

Recent activities:

He has been working on the designs of two inventions, one for a warning system to prevent death caused by LRT accidents, and a device to stop run away vehicles from a distance, during a police chase, in order to minimize potential collateral damages. In the meanwhile, he has been promoting an alternative flood mitigation solution provided freely by nature.