Management Failure at City Council

The City Of Calgary Is a Corporation and Needs to Be Managed As a Corporation

From Failure to Success

How Can It be Accomplished?

I am offering our city my leadership and management skills.

I have a special degree in management, diverse experience and knowledge in city planning, transportation design, flood mitigation and water conservation. In addition, I am a professional management consultant, specialized in the human factor effect on success. My experience is gleaned also from a history of starting and successfully managing different businesses.

I have a track record of being active in the fight against excessive taxation and poor management by elected officials. My passion and my combined experience and knowledge would notably contribute to leading and making the best decisions and choices for our city, solving problems more swiftly and effectively, and building a prosperous Calgary city.

The City Of Calgary Is a Corporation and Needs to Be Managed As a Corporation

For some time, I have studied the management practices at the city of Calgary, from the thinking pattern of the leadership to the councillors and committees meetings procedures.

 Problem symptoms

There are existing significant deficiencies including scattered planning, poor communication, unfunded large-scale projects, unwise spending, shoddy and limited overall vision. In addition, futile critical decision making processes at the council chamber have resulted in inadequate strategic planing and management, producing unsatisfactory outcomes and pushing our city far behind in many different vital areas.

I hold a specialized degree in management and a wealth of expertise and experience in different fields, earned through more than twenty-years. In such a capacity; I provided consultations for firms and organizations in planning and operating mega projects. These are transferable skills that I will bring to our city on day one.

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Classic Example of Management Failure

Waste management

One indicator to measure the rate of success in managing a city is its rate of success in recycling and reusing such material.

The following information is a classic example of poor management in the city of Calgary under the current leadership that has been in this position for seven years:

“Complaints as long as the lines at Calgary landfills: ‘I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous”

Published on: June 4, 2017, Calgary Herald

“As Calgary heats up, residents are feeling the impact of the city’s recent cuts to landfill hours and staff positions— and they aren’t happy about it.

The city made the decision to reduce staff and hours following an $11.65-million landfill revenue shortfall in 2016.”

Is this the right place to apply cuts?

While the city council and the mayor have authorized spending millions of dollars on studying projects that do not seem to have the adequate funding available to proceed, they could not spend enough time to catch up with what the rest of the world is doing in the area of recycling, protecting the environment and making the most of the recycled material.

 Here are some examples of what the world around us is doing:

 Switzerland’s recycling rate is one of the highest in the world.

 Sweden: Turns Garbage into Energy.

 Belgium: Innovative Technologies, state-of-the-art post shredder technologies and a goal to hit the 95% mark by 2015.

As your new mayor, I will put a concerted effort into the area of recycling and applying sensible, modern and innovative ideas to reuse recycled materials to allow our city to profit from these bi-products. The need for this action is even higher under our current economic slowdown.


Many years of poor planning and management have left our city in peril, ultimately, pushed it to the edge of the cliff.

 Has our history shown that career politicians or associates with the political world can save or manage effectively our city?


Dr. EGJ is a qualified and an expert manager, fit for a Mayor

It’s Time for the Electors to Compare and Choose the Most Qualified Person to Manage the City of Calgary Corporation.

(More serious examples of poor management will be presented).