Emile Gabriel along with eight other candidates running for councillor, representing different wards in Calgary city, has, individually, signed a written pledge to fulfill fundamental expectations.

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“Allegiance only to their supporters”

The nature of the invitation from Kasian Architecture.

The invite said Nenshi reached out to Kasian “to bring together an exclusive group of our friends, acquaintances and business partners to assist his campaign.”
 Kasian Architecture are hosting the event at their office in Inglewood.
 They are limiting the attendance to 20 individuals “plus a few organizers.”
 “This is an exclusive occasion. We’re encouraging a donation of $5,000, however, any amount above $2,000 would be appreciated.”
 You get to hear Nenshi speak but, more importantly, you get to speak one-on-one with him.
 (The current mayor called himself, "a different kind of politician...?")
 Seven years ago, Nenshi ran for mayor saying: Politics was going to be different. To quote the mayor ...“political campaigns should be about the best ideas and not the most money.”...?      Posted: Sunday, June 25, Calgary Sun,


What should be the makings of a competent and capable next mayor?

What is the description of a qualified and inspiring mayor that can lead a fresh start and run the City of Calgary Corporation effectively, efficiently and successfully?

This qualification, ideally, is demonstrated in three key areas:


A qualified mayor should have the right motivation and a track record of service, contribution and sacrifices made on behalf of others or the community.

Dr. EGJ has been involved in finding solutions for different community issues such as youth crime. He has been active in the fight against excessive taxation for businesses.

He worked on proposals and presented ideas to the city regarding community improvement and pedestrian safety.

Most recently, he has voluntarily spent the last four years working and promoting an alternative comprehensive flood mitigation and water management solution benefiting the different communities affected by catastrophic floods. His main motivation has been to serve the critical needs of his city.


A proficient mayor should have the experience, skills and knowledge that are essential to run a corporation.

Dr. EGJ has the credentials and diversified experience in planning and management. He can relate to the working force, the business community and large corporate entities.

He worked with Alberta Transportation in building bridges, roads and highways.

He owned and operated a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

As a management consultant, he has worked with different industries, including the oil and gas sector, providing consultation in managing projects at the highest level of the organization.

Commitment and Vision

A competent mayor should have a commitment to the electors and a vision that is in line with Calgarians needs, aspirations and goals, as well as, the practical understanding and the ability to empathize with the challenges that Calgary residents are facing.

Dr. EGJ deeply understands the struggle Calgarians encountered after the 2013 flood, combined

with the effect of the economic downturn. A number of CEO’s in different organizations have been taking pay cuts while the Calgary Mayor’s salary has increased 23%, between 2010 and 2016.

Dr. EGJ will take a significant cut in his salary for the first and second year in order to lead by example.

Dr. EGJ measurement of success is based on a number of critical criteria; the safety and the well-being of the residents, the level of economic stability, growth and opportunities.

Dr. EGJ strongly believes that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity regardless of race, gender, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other characteristics, without privilege, discrimination, or bias. Compassion that is not exercised at the expense of the democratic system should be extended to those who have been marginalized.

On October 16, Calgarians should elect the most prepared person to lead and manage the City.

Dr. EGJ meets all of these criteria and is passionate about contributing his knowledge, experience and skills to the city of Calgary residents.