Avoid this big mistake!

On October 16

Vote wisely!

This Time Calgarians Do Not Have to Feel Stuck or Left with Limited Choices

Calgarians are intelligent and sharp when it comes to elections. The residents of Calgary will not be trapped this time thinking that they have to vote Smith or Chabot just to remove Nenshi.

That was the dilemma we were faced with few years ago when it became imperative to get rid of an arrogant government that had lost touch with the hardworking Albertans.

This time there is a better option to seriously consider. Emile Gabriel is also running for mayor.

He is not putting a sign in your face everywhere you turn around and he is not in the pocket of the big donors. As history has taught us, those who take money from big donors and special interest groups end up serving their interests.

Gabriel, rather, is putting his qualifications, experience and commitment to genuine public engagement and launching a local economic growth in front of everybody.

Emile Gabriel is a civil engineer who holds a BSc. degree in civil engineering and a PhD in management from the University of Calgary. He has exactly the right qualifications you want to see in your new mayor.

He understands business challenges. As an entrepreneur with diversified working experience, he worked with different firms in and outside Canada, and has more than twenty years’ knowledge and experience in urban planning, construction of high-rises, highways, airports and bridges.

Throughout the 1990’s, he had successfully started and built up several different businesses such as, paving, marketing and advertising and establishing a food and beverage business.

In addition, for the entire month of September, he has consistently been leading in the survey that is conducted by a researcher in political science at the University of Calgary.

Examine his background (Bio page) and his qualifications which will enable him to run our city efficiently and successfully, then vote intelligently and strategically.



CBCnews, Oct 08, 2017:
“Calgary developer picks his candidates, urges staff to follow his lead”
And, who was picked for mayor? According to this article…Mr. Bill Smith

Who Should Become Calgary Mayor?

Avoid This Misleading Concept


A career politician could say to you,”I don’t have the knowledge or the experience to manage our city and I do not need to have them because I have my specialized city staff”. 

First, please realize that our city system functions based on instructions given by the mayor and the councillors to city staff, not the other way around.

Example, on a Combined Meeting of Council, commencing 2017 February 13, on Recommendation No.3. “Recommend that Council AUTHORIZE administration to make an application to the Minister of Municipal Affairs…”

On the other hand, if the mayor proceeds to hand over making critical decisions to staff, administration or bureaucrats, the minute the bureaucrats are given the power to make the final decision; a huge mistake has taken place that has and will negatively impact our city progress.

A bureaucrat is concerned only about the success of his/her department and does not necessarily recognize the needs of other departments or grasp the inter-connectivity aspect of successfully incorporating and managing multiple activities of the city. There is only one “pie” (city budget), and each department’s staff is busy competing and trying to get the biggest slice for themselves.

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a general manager or a CEO for a large corporation (city hall) stating the first requirements as: tall and handsome, eloquent speaker, party loyalist, big smile and great sense of humor?

Or are the first requirements usually 10-15 years of experience in the field, followed by personality requirements?

The current mayor is a smart and likable person, he has been at the helm for seven years surrounded by city experts and, as a leader, his recent approval rating is about 50% (down from 70%). This indicates a divided city, which means failure in planning and management.

Why does a very smart person surrounded by city experts fail to deliver ?

Two possible explanations:

A- The leader putting politics and self-interest ahead of common sense and the well-being of the common taxpayer.

B- Deficit of knowledge and experience in managing a corporation.

A combination of both is very possible.

Has our history shown that career politicians or associates with the political world desire to serve the interest of the general public, or are able to save or even effectively manage our city? (Cash-for-Access)

We badly need a mayor who is not just looking to secure a comfortable political career, but rather the one who has the spirit of servant and humble leadership, combined with a fitting background and experience.

Our city is a growing city, and its day-to-day activities and plans also involve a great deal of urban planning and infrastructure encompassing engineering aspects such as building roads, highways, Green Line, water systems, flood mitigation, etc.

I am applying for the mayor position based on my qualification which meets three significant criteria:

1- My platform and vision that is in line with Calgarians needs and aspirations.

2- My degree and experience as a professional and expert manager, have the credentials, the diverse knowledge and skills in management, city planning, transportation design, flood mitigation, water conservation and a wealth of expertise in different fields, earned through more than twenty-years.

3- My years of service to community, city and province, which is an indicative of my sincere intention to serve Calgary.

These qualifications would notably contribute towards more productive leadership capable of making the best decisions and choices for our city, solving problems more swiftly and effectively, and building a prosperous Calgary city.

Reality check

Career politicians are known to lack real-world experience, make promises while campaigning that they know will not be kept, spend more time fundraising and seeking re-election than they spend doing the people’s work, care more about keeping their offices and have allegiance only to their contributors.


The current mayor was baffled when he heard the word “Riprap”, which is used for river banks protection (bunch of rocks) and got someone to explain it to him (learning on the job).

Could he or anyone else, with no relevant background or related experience be capable of comprehending the city’s multiple functions, set vital goals and effectively manage our city?

After hearing business and property owners’ emotional plea saying, “we can’t afford more taxes”, he announced plans for increased taxes in 2018, in addition to asking the province for extra taxation power.

Our city would be far better off, if it was managed by a non- political leader who has more than just being an eloquent speaker or having a nice personality.

Did this information help you in understanding why we are in such a management mess?


The chosen mayor has to be qualified for the position, prepared and ready for the JOB.


It’s Time for the Electors to Compare and Choose the Most Prepared Person to Manage the City of Calgary Corporation.