“TRJR” Benefits

Tri-River Joint Reservoir of Alberta (TRJR) benefits

Why is the TRJR project a better solution?

Flood Protection


Calgary was built at the confluence of two flood-prone rivers the city’s downtown district along with the Calgary Zoo, the Stampede grounds, the entire multi-million-dollar East Village redevelopment, homes and buildings on the flood plain areas are at risk until upstream mitigation occurs.

Benefits of TRJR:

  • Manages 3 rivers from one central location and facilitate the management of the Bow River; thus protects the majority of river communities
  • Mitigates both flood and drought conditions: enough water can be stored or diverted as needed
  • Located on Crown land: no landowners would be displaced; no utilities to relocate and no taxpayer money to be used to acquire private lands
  • A short tunnel to divert water from the Elbow River could be in place and usable very quickly (estimated 3-6 months)
  • The project would be built in stages, with immediate pay-off in terms of risk mitigation: building the tunnel first instantly mitigates flooding of the Elbow River
  • It is a unique project, will become tourists’ magnet and splendid recreational areas
  • Potential for clean, renewable hydro-electric power, infrastructure employment, and recreational opportunities
  • Investment for now and for the future

Why haven’t you heard of TRJR before?

The alternative TRJR solution has been constantly presented by a volunteer group of dedicated professionals (Comprehensive Flood & Water Management Council (CFWMC), passionate about finding a robust and comprehensive solution to the flood and drought issues experienced in southern Alberta. 

Unfortunately, this proposal wasn’t given a diligent and thorough review by the current government which was seeking a project that is quick and inexpensive (the Springbank dry dam).  However, the Springbank dry dam (SR1) is facing multiple hurtles and oppositions, and its estimated cost has been doubled recently, even before it starts.

The CFWMC needs now the power of a strong public support and a convincing petition to push this project forward to the next step of environmental study.

 How you can help pushing the alternative TRJR project forward:

Please visit:

Website: www.preventingalbertafloods.ca

and sign the Petition: http://chn.ge/2xgnsyH

  • Contact us with your feedback, questions or concerns (go to the “Contact Us” section of the website) http://preventingalbertafloods.ca
  • YOU are a stakeholder in this!
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues; find information on Facebook and share the page
  • Book a presentation for your group
  • Volunteer
  • Contact your municipal, provincial and federal representatives to bring attention to this project and put the pressure on for further assessment (go to the “How to help?” section of the website for the links to identify who the elected officials are, for your area).

To find the link and for more detailed information about the TRJR solution please visit: http://preventingalbertafloods.ca

It’s Time for the Electors to Choose the Most Prepared Person to Manage the City of Calgary Corporation.