Platform (2)

Leadership by Example and Commitment to Calgarians and to the city I love and lived in for more than 30 years                         

I deeply understand the financial struggle Calgarians are facing due to the effect of the economic downturn that occurred shortly after the devastating flood of 2013. A number of CEO’s in different organizations have been taking pay cuts while the Calgary Mayor’s salary has increased 23%, between 2010 and 2016.

Considering that many today are hurting economically and, in order to lead by example, I will take a significant cut in my salary in the first and second year.   


Future Sound Strategic Planning

While a short-term and immediate plans are required to address Calgary’s recession, long-term economic planning is also necessary for the well-being of Calgarians and our dear city of Calgary.

My background as a civil engineer and management consultant has given me a variety of transferable skills and experience including designing and planning cities.

– I will move to implement immediate solutions for current transit and transportation needs.

– I will work with Calgary city planners to apply sound knowledge and best practices in planning in order to draft the best blueprint for our INFRASTRUCTURE and building an inviting and livable city, wisely using our land mass, while making flood mitigation a paramount objective.

– Plan the best multi-faceted transportation options in order to make the mobility modes in our city accessible, cost effective and time efficient. Placing the focus on the accessibility to current and future facilities such as a multi-purpose sport complex and the required new facilities for a possible Olympic repeat.

– Thoughtfully and progressively streamline and simplify city hall processes.

– Calgarians are voting in favour of an Olympic repeat. Together we will fix our problems and wisely prepare our city to provide a world-class environment, in parallel with an exceptional and attractive new multi-purpose sport arena, for the enjoyment of our generation and a legacy in our new future city.

Complementary Polices:

A- I plan to establish a new standing policy committee (SPC) for economic growth within the city management structure.

B- I believe that the student and millennial generations are our most valuable assets, and they can have a positive impact on our culture, workplace and economy. Therefore, the city should do its part in providing every opportunity towards their financial stability and advancement.

Measurements of Success

My measurements of success are based on a number of critical criteria;

A- The SAFETY and the well-being of the residents

B- The level of economic stability, growth, meaningful opportunities and social harmony


As a civil engineer, who was born near the foothills of the great and majestic pyramids of Giza, I long to use my position as a mayor to be an instrument in building spectacular and monumental landmarks in the city I love.